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Canada PR Immigration

Canada has always been the favoured destination for immigrants from all over the world. Better career opportunities, social securities, better educational systems, world-class medical systems, and prosperous life with a stable future attracts people to immigrate to Canada. Canada is a young country and is often called the “paradise for immigrants”. It has one of the most positive and valuable immigration policies throughout the world. It admits over 200,000 immigrants every year. Here are the reasons why you should choose to immigrate to Canada.

Benefits of Canada PR

  • Free Education
  • Free medicals
  • Successful immigration including family members
  • Dual citizenship
  • Eligibility for citizenship after 3 years stay in Canada
  • Access to the markets of Mexico and the United States based on the NAFTA Agreement
  • Many More opportunities for software professionals in the Information Technology Sector.
  • Immigration possibilities for Investors and skilled workers.
  • Canada is a multicultural country so it welcomes immigrants from all corners of the worldwholeheartedly.
  • Canada is a self-governing country. So every resident can play a key role in the economic and social life of Canada.
  • Applicants can include their spouse and children till 19 years of age in their visa application. They can sponsor their parents for Canada Permanent Residency or a Canada Super-Visa.

How to Immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is possible through the following ways:
FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program – The Federal Trained Proficient Migrant Program.
PNP – Provincial Nominee Program – For Provincial Sponsorships.