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What is GMAT?

GMAT is an online test conducted for admissions into various management programmes offered by B-Schools all around the globe. The exam tests a candidate ’s analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in English to be used for the stated purpose.

A computer-adaptive test is the one that adjusts to the level of a candidate’s ability. At the beginning of the test, a candidate is presented with questions of average difficulty. The difficulty level of the upcoming questions increases or decreases based on the candidates performances on previous questions. If a candidate answers the questions incorrectly, the difficulty level decreases. If a candidate is getting most of the questions correct, then the difficulty level of the next questions increases. This process continues until all the questions in every section is attempted.
Since the next question is generated based on a candidate’s performance in current question, one cannot revisit any previous question. It is mandatory to answer every question in order to proceed to the next question.

What is Executive Assessment Exam?

GMAC has recently introduced a new Mini GMAT called Executive Assessment Exam for Executive MBA course. This exam is designed for candidates willing to pursue E-MBA. The exam is of considerably shorter duration than the regular GMAT. The test is formulated to examine analytical and logical thinking abilities of the test takers, It is intended to judge suitability of the candidates for the E-MBA course.

How much does it cost to take GMAT?

Taking a GMAT exam costs US $250 worldwide. If any candidate wishes to reschedule the exam, they need to pay an additional fee of US $50. The GMAT Cancellation Fee is US $80.
GMAT 2019 Exam Pattern GMAT is a computer adaptive test.
There are a total of 80 questions.
There are 4 sections in GMAT such as Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal Section.
From Analytical Writing Assessment section, there will be only 1 question and candidates will have 30 minutes to solve it. This section is designed to judge test takers ability to analyze and predict reasons behind a given argument.
In Integrated Reasoning, 12 questions will be asked and 30 minutes will be given to solve it.
From Quantitative section, 31 questions will be asked and 62 minutes will be given to solve this section. Questions asked in this section belong to 12th class standard.
The last section is of Verbal, consisting of 36 questions that are to be attempted in 65 minutes.
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