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Yash Immigrations is the best Germany Education Consultants. Germany is well known for its quality of manufacturing all over the world. Little is known about the quality of education that this European country provides which stands to be among the best in the world.
Made in Germany is considered a seal of quality all over the world as these products enjoy the highest reputation and customer satisfaction. Germany is also home to famous brands like BMW, Bayer, Volkswagen and Munich Re to name a few.
Germany today is one of the most popular destinations for students across the world. The country attracts hundreds and thousands of students every year because of its excellence in quality education. The country is known to be laid back with a unique blend of cultures and a very high standard of living.


Qualitative Education: The education in Germany is qualitative and is widely accepted across the world. High academic standards set by diversified and professional staff ensure the quality of education. The curriculum is designed on the core principles of Pragmatism, innovation and international cooperation. Moreover, there is a lot of orientation towards research which is an embodiment of their qualitative education.
No tuition Fees at Public Universities: The government, highly subsidize the education system in Germany.
Numerous scholarship Programs: The German government has a unique take on International Students. The government recognizes that international students bring fresh perspectives to the country and hence contribute a great deal to the various disciplines taught at the universities.
Economy: Germany is the fourth largest economy n the world and the third largest exporter. Students get to learn and understand skills like innovativeness, global networking, and competitiveness that is unique to Germany.
Excellent Employment prospects: Students are permitted to work for 240 half days a year and up to 190 full days on campus. The laws governing employment are very stringent in Germany, and those who violate them are generally debarred. As the universities are centers of research, the boast of tie-ups with many multinational companies and hence increase the employment prospects for students post clearing the course. Various internship opportunities come your way while pursuing the course as well.
A global Hub for Industry: Most multinational corporations have a presence in Germany. This opens up doors to limitless career opportunities post competing studies.
Ease of Visa and Residency: Germany allocates the highest percentage of monies to public education in the world. The courses have moderate entry requirements, and students are permitted to stay on for 18 months post completion of training to pursue a full-time job.


For a small country like Germany, it has 44 universities ranked amongst the world’s best. Six of the top 100 are in Germany. Berlin, the capital, is also the education hub of Germany.

A wide range of courses and programs offer a wealth of choice to students. The country is known for its Engineering, Management, and Computer Science courses.
The courses are divided into the following main subject groups.

The application process may take about 6-12 weeks. Talk to our councillors now for the best application guidance for Universities in Germany.